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Parrot Charms

Item Picture Description Price
Large Cockatiel
A tall, slender fellow, alert and watchful. Very realistic, I keep expecting him to whistle. 2_dimensional sterling silver, with a hidden loop on the back for attaching a chain or a ring for hanging. Too long to be a bracelet charm, but he'd be beautiful on earrings, and would make an excellent necklace centerpiece.
He's 1 7/8" tall, and 7/16" wide.
Small Macaw in Oval
Tiny, dainty parrot on a branch across an oval ring. He'd make excellent lightweight earrings or a bracelet charm, or a wonderful set. The back of this charm is flat with no detail. 1 inch tall, 1/2 inch wide.

Macaw On a Branch
A heavy bird with a tail in questionable condition. He might just be too young to take good care of it yet. He's 1 inch tall, 1/2 inch wide.
Macaw in a Ring
This is an elegant 3-dimensional pendant. The details on this guy are incredible! The bird's wings are raised and spread apart at the shoulders, as if he's stretching himself. He's perched on a bamboo hoop. His beak is even open! He's too long and slender to wear on a bracelet--his tail would get wrecked. But he'd make elegant earrings, or an excellent necklace pendant. He is 1 7/8" long, 3/4" wide.
Small cockatiel
This is the all-purpose cockatiel. He's small enough to be used on any type of jewelry, but still instantly recognizable as a cockatiel. He's got that crest way up in the air as if he just saw something interesting. 1 inch tall, 1/4" wide.
Large 2-D Macaw
This fellow comes in 3 sizes, large, medium and small. You can see them all compared together by clicking on the small picture to the left of this description. He's quite detailed on the front, but is only 2-dimensional. I'm guessing he's a Blue & Gold, from the face. The biggest of these guys is too large to wear on a bracelet, but would make a great pendant. He only comes facing to the left, as shown. He's 2 inches tall, 3/4 inch wide.
Medium 2-D Macaw
The medium-sized 2_dimensional macaw is a very similar design with slightly more feather detail than the large and small versions. He only comes facing to the right, as shown. He's 1 3/8" tall, 3/8" wide.
Small 2-D Macaw
These guys come facing in either direction, so they naturally make great earrings. They can also be purchased separately as bracelet or necklace charms. They are 7/8" tall, 5/16" wide.

$50.00 per pair

$25.00 each

African Grey
This guy has been identfied by various viewers as an African Grey, and an Amazon. So I think he might be used to represent either one. He does have a short tail, in any case. He's 3/4" tall, 3/8" wide.
Bird on a Ladder
The classic budgie or budgerigar or dime-store parakeet. Whatever you call him, we have one here, climbing on his favorite toy ladder. Some folks have suggested that this could also be a conure on a ladder. I agree. Whatever you think he is, he's perfect for any type of jewelry. He is 3/4" tall, 1/4" wide.
A Bird In The Hand...
A just-for-fun charm. It's actually a cardinal in the palm of a disembodied hand, but hey--it has a crest, why can't it be a cockatiel? What is a bird in the hand worth to you? Around here it usually means petting the bird and getting no work done! This guy is 5/8" long, fingertips to tail tip, 3/8" wide.
Hyacinth Macaw Coin
Not actually a coin, but a sterling silver disk with a 2-dimensional profile of a hyacinth macaw, recognizable by that massive, curved beak. The disk is flat on the back. This would look great any way you choose to wear it. Circular, 3/4" across.
3-D Macaw
A small macaw or conure charm with a big attitude. His head is turned as if to say "Look at me!", as he sits on his tiny perch. He's 7/8" tall, 3/8" wide.
Quaker or Conure
I've never seen a bird with pudgy cheeks before, but this guy has them! He's a cutie though-- several people have told me they believe he is supposed to be a Quaker or Monk Parrot. I think he looks more like a cherry-headed conure. But he's silver--who can tell? In any case, this is a great, heavy charm with a lot of character. You might see this charm elsewhere, done up in grey pewter. Don't be fooled by those--this one is solid bright shiny sterling silver, 1 1/4" tall, 3/8" wide>.
Long-tailed Parrot
I wanted to call this guy the "military macaw" because of his rigid posture...
But I didn't.
Not much to say about him--he's got good details, and is a good size for necklaces or earrings. He might not be suitable for bracelets due to the thinness of his tail. He's 1 1/4" tall, 1/4" wide.
Flying Conure
I love this charm. To me, it looks just like a flying jenday conure coming in for a landing. Your eyes may see a different species, but I'm partial to jendays. Be sure that I wear one of these proudly. He's very detailed on the front, and flat on the back. He's 1 1/4" tall, and 7/8" wide.
Small Cockatoo
An interesting little guy, I think perhaps he's supposed to be a Lesser Sulfur Crested 'too, or maybe even a Galah. He does look a bit over-fed. But he's certainly quieter than the real thing. 3-dimensional, he's got detail all the way around, and stands on the tiniest of perches. He's 7/8" tall and 3/8" wide.
Stretching Macaw
I think this guy looks like he's having a good flap and stretch session, maybe even screaming too. Hard to say for sure what he's doing, but it's a nice, realistic pose. Big enough to make a nice pendant, small enough to be earrings or a bracelet charm. He's 1" tall and 3/4" wide.
Leadbeaters Cockatoo
This is a gorgeous pendant of a Leadbeater's or Major Mitchell's cockatoo. It's one-sided; the back is flat. The chain loop is hidden on the back of the head. This pendant is much too large and heavy to be worn anywhere but on a necklace. He's 1 3/4" tall and 3/4" wide, and weighs 9.1 grams.
Mystery Parrot
This is the rare and endangered MaCawKaTooZon, with the head of a macaw, the crest of a cockatoo, and the body and tail of an Amazon. A fun, cartoonish parrot charm that would be great for any type of jewelry. He's 3/4" tall and 3/8" wide.

Suggestions for Designs
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Pick beads to match your bird's colors, and choose a charm to represent him or her!

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