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All of our charms and pendants are made of solid sterling silver,
except the Irish sixpence coins,which are of a standard coin metal.

Charm Picture

Description Price

Greyhound "A"

A nice, well rounded fellow, he looks more like a well-fed retired racing greyhound than a lean running machine. He'd look good on anything you want to make up, but might be a bit too heavy for earrings if you have sensitive ears. 5/8 inch tall, 3/4 inch long.
charm $25.00

Greyhound "B"

Slim and lightweight, yet detailed. This guy is slightly larger than the smaller Greyhound "J" charm if you want to make up a set. But he's still small and light enough to be worn as earrings, or on a bracelet. 3/4 inch tall, 5/8 inch long.
charm $25.00

Greyhound "D"

A classic design, this charm has detail only on one side. Lightweight, it makes a good earcuff, or a necklace pendant. He'd look really good on that greyhound charm bracelet you know you want to start! 1/4 inch tall, 1 inch long.
charm $25.00

Greyhound "D link"

This is the same charm design as Greyhound "D", but with loops at both ends so it can be worked into a design with beads or chain between the charm links. Only comes facing in one direction, so if made into a bracelet, all the dogs will be running the same way around your wrist.  1/4 inch tall, 1 inch long.


$25.00 each

Greyhound "F"

This pose comes in 3 sizes of charms. This one is the largest of this style. He'd make an excellent pendant or centerpiece for a y-necklace. But he's too large to put on a bracelet, and too heavy to be worn as earrings or on an eyeglass leash. (See charm "M" for matching earrings) 1 3/8 inch tall, 5/8 inch wide.
pendant $30.00

Greyhound "G"

This is the middle size of this style of charm. He's a good size for a smaller pendant, or for a bracelet charm. He could be worn as earrings--he's much lighter weight than greyhound "F". But this size only comes facing in one direction. For a slightly smaller set of opposing charms, see charm "M". 1 1/8 inch tall, 1/2 inch wide.
charm $25.00

Greyhound "H"

The biggest silver racing greyhound around! Muzzled for the track, and wearing a number "1" on his racing silk. He'd make a great pendant for a man or a woman, but he's too large and heavy to be worn as anything else.  1 inch tall, 1 3/4 inch wide.
pendant $30.00

Greyhound "J"

The tiniest greyhound you'll ever find. He's perfect for an earcuff or on earrings, or for a child's or petite woman's necklace. He's a pretty close match for Greyhound "B" if you want to make up a pendant and earring set.  1/2 inch tall, 1/2 inch long.
charm $25.00

Greyhound "K"

A 3-dimensional running greyhound in the classic pose, stretched out at a full gallop. Lightweight enough to use on anything including earrings or earcuffs. 3/8 inch tall, 1 inch long.
charm $25.00

Greyhound "L"

A gorgeous reclining greyhound, full of detail. His ears are at "half mast" as if he's a bit sleepy, and his front paws are crossed elegantly in front of him. The perfect size for any style of jewelry. 3/8 inch tall, 1 inch long.
charm $25.00

Greyhound "M"

Slightly smaller and lighter in weight than greyhound "G", and comes in a pair that face in opposite directions. Perfect for earrings, or for matching charms on a bracelet. 7/8 inch tall, 15/16 inch wide.
charm $50.00 pair

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