Eyeglass "Leashes"

Some people don't have to wear their glasses all of the time.

It is becoming popular again to wear your glasses on a chain or holder
that hangs the glasses around the neck when the glasses aren't being worn.

Our eyeglass "leashes" can be as casual, elegant or funky as you'd like!

They are made of sterling silver beads, or freshwater pearls,
with gemstone or Austrian crystal accent beads and the charm of your choice (optional).
The ends are made of small elastic bands that go around the side pieces of the glasses frame.
The charm dangles off of the eyeglass holder, about 6" below one temple of the glasses
so it will be out of your range of vision when you have the glasses on.
Some people have even taken our glasses holders one step further,
and clipped the elastic ends together with a jewelry clasp to use it
as an attractive necklace when they don't need it on their glasses! Click on the small pics to get one or more larger views of that eyeglass holder
Charm Picture Description Price
thumbnail of liquid silver eyeglass holder

Liquid Silver eyeglass leash

This eyeglass holder is made up mainly of sterling silver "liquid silver" tube beads, accented by your choices of gemstone beads or Austrian crystals. Length is 32", including the elastic end pieces. Quiet elegance for wearing at the office. With or without an added animal charm, priced accordingly.

Charm extra.


thumbnail of crazy quilt multi-stone eyeglass holder

Crazy quilt eyeglasses leash

Like a traditional crazy quilt, this holder is made up of little pieces of everything and anything! Each one is a work of art, and no two ever turn out exactly alike. Eclectic and attention-getting, this is a really fun piece. The holder is 32" long, and can have a silver charm attached if you desire.

Charm extra.
thumbnail of freshwater pearl
eyeglass holder

Freshwater pearls eyeglasses leash

This elegant glasses holder is made up mainly of freshwater pearls! It is accented by short sections of silver beads and gemstone or Austrian crystal beads about 3" from each end. Two styles are shown, one with beads and a charm, the second one with just two simple stone crosses and no silver charm.

Charm extra.

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