We have earrings for both pierced and un-pierced ears.
And we also have ear cuffs, suitable for anyone to wear,
regardless of age or gender! If you've never seen or worn an earcuff,
they do not require pierced ears. They just slip over the cartilage
on the top back edge of the ear, and you gently squeeze them slightly
until they sit without slipping. We have cuffs with a simple dangle, and
more exotic earcuff/pierced earring combinations.

The prices on earrings are a la carte--you choose the charm(s) you want,
and then add the price of the earring findings.
You may add stone beads to your earring design if you wish at no extra charge.
You may order a single earring to mix or match with any earcuff.

NEW--ear pins! A hot new design for those who are bored with regular earrings!

Click on the small pics to see one or more larger views of that item.
Earring or Cuff Picture Description Price

Sterling silver wire hook earrings

in the classic "shepherd's hook" shape, with a flattened section and a tiny coil of wire around the bottom.

Pair of ear wires are no extra charge when ordering charms for earrings.

Hypo-allergenic surgical stainless steel wire earrings

If you have metal allergies, these hypo-allergenic
surgical stainless steel wire hook earrings are your best choice. The standard "fishhook" shape, with a ball and coil of wire as decoration.

Pair of ear wires are no extra charge when ordering charms for earrings.

Post earrings

Sterling silver post ball earrings with snap-on backs, and a small loop to hang a charm.

Pair of ear posts are no extra charge when ordering charms for earrings.

Sterling silver clip-on earrings

for un-pierced ears. Half-ball front, with a loop for dangling a charm.

$10.00 pair
Charms additional.

Greyhound head post earrings

A pair of post earrings depicting a sculptured greyhound head.
Approximately 3/8by 3/8, with sterling silver ear posts soldered onto the backs.
All earrings face to the left, so if you order a pair, they will both look the same Also sold individually.

$40.00 pair

$20.00 for individual earring

"Walkin' the dog" earcuff

A detailed hand with the forefinger & thumb together to make a ring.
"Held" by the fingers is a short length of chain.
At the end of the chain is your choice of charm, attached to a single post earring.
The effect is as if the charm is on a leash.

Earcuff w/chain and post earring.
Charm additional.

Ear pins

These are a new design that I wish I'd invented. They are a running greyhound charm with a wire soldered onto them and bent in such a way that they go through a piercing hole like a regular ear wire. Then they are rotated until they nestle comfortably against the curve of the ear, either pointing upward from a bottom hole, or downward from an upper piercing.

Very cool!

Click on the small picture to see an animated graphic of how they work.

Available as a matched pair (reversed left and right) in Greyhound K and Greyhound D styles.

Available as single ear pins or a mismatched pair in Greyhound K, and/or Greyhound S styles.

If you order ear pins, please let me know if you intend to wear them in an upper piercing hole, or a lower one. The wire will be attached accordingly to make the dog's head point upward.

Ear pins require extra work to make them, so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion.

$25.00 each

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