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Celtic Knot Pendants, Charms, and Earrings

Item Picture Description Price

Large Celtic cross

An open filagree cross, full of fine detail.
It's 1 1/2" tall and 7/8" wid


Small Celtic cross

A solid cross, detailed with raised leaves and vines.
It's 15/16" tall and 5/8" wide


Large Celtic knot circle pendant

An elegant pendant of a traditional Celtic endless knot design.
It's 1" tall and 1" wide


Small Celtic knot circle charm

A similar Celtic endless knot pendant, smaller than the one above.
Designed as a bracelet charm or a small necklace charm, these would also make wonderful earrings to match the pendant.
This item is 3/4" tall and 3/4" wide


Tiny Celtic knot circle post earrings

Small but detailed Celtic knots that closely match the charm and pendant above.
Solid silver ear posts are attached to the back. 3/8" tall and 3/8" wide


Celtic knot heart charm

Traditional heart knot design, great for a bracelet charm, earrings or a small necklace charm. 5/8" tall, 5/8" wide


Celtic knot heart pendant

Similar to the heart charm above, but heavier and thicker, with a pendant bail on the top. 15/16" tall including loop, 11/16" wide


Celtic knot diamond square charm

A very heavy design, with a loop for hanging as earrings or a bracelet charm. 1" tall, 13/16" wide


Celtic knot diamond square pendant

Same design as above, but with a pendant bail. 1 3/16" tall including bail, 13/16" wide.


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