Lovely medieval woodcut of a sitting winged greyhound

So, what's up with all the greyhound angels?

Feathered Gems started out in the late 1980's as an aviary. I bred and hand-raised cockatiels, jenday conures and cherry-headed conures. The beauty of the birds led me to take up doing stained glass and fused glass, to try to capture the gorgeous colors of the parrots' feathers in glass. Doing glass work led me back to my lifelong hobby of bead work, and from there jewelry making just took over much of my life. At first, Feathered Gems only made parrot-themed jewelry, which I sold at bird fairs and bird shows. My original logo for the aviary, which was later used as the first logo for the jewelry business, was an outline of a stained glass parrot that I drew years ago. 

But then we adopted our first retired racing greyhound, I became hooked on greyhounds as pets, and I began working greyhounds into my jewelry designs. I needed a new logo that somehow depicted both birds and greyhounds. When I first saw the antique woodcut of the winged greyhound that eventually became "Caelestis", I knew I'd found the perfect logo for Feathered Gems Jewelry. 

Since the addition of Caelestis as our logo, I have had many requests for this design as a jewelry item. But some folks felt the first Caelestis design was too large and wanted a smaller one, so I made up a few smaller winged greyhound charms to satisfy those requests. 

So, there you have it. I'm not fixated on death, angels, or any other strangeness (unless you consider loving animals to be strange...). I just like the look of the winged hound design, and to me, it represents the animal companions who share my life--my parrots and my greyhounds. If others choose to impart their own personal meanings to the winged hounds,  that is their business, and it's just fine by me!

--Kathy Johnson,  owner, Feathered Gems Jewelry

tiny winged greyhound

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