Keith Joseph Hernandez

December 31, 1958 - June 8, 2015


Keith has been my husband Wayne's best friend for 40 years, ever since they met in high school.

Keith became the volunteer "Chief Security Officer" for Feathered Gems in 2004,
following a series of thefts from vendors at the Dewey Beach greyhound event the previous year.
From 2004 to 2014 he attended most of the annual Dewey greyhound weekends on what we jokingly called "working vacations".
Those trips were a lot of work and very little actual vacation, but we still managed to have lots of fun together.

Keith was taken from us way too soon by a fatal car accident on June 8, 2015.
This page will remain as a memorial to a great man and an awesome friend.

With the help of many people who sent photos to me, I created a DVD photo slide show which was shown at his funeral.
The file is available at the link below, in three different formats.
All three formats are 25 minutes long, have over 200 photos and contain 7 songs that had special meaning to his family and friends.

If you knew Keith, feel free to make DVD copies,
or share the page link with anyone else who knew and loved him.

green celtic knot square buttonFor Windows Users

This link is a .wmv file. Depending on how your computer is set up, it will either automatically download the file and play it, or pop up a small window that will ask if you want to watch the video with Windows Media Player, or save it to your computer. Once it has been saved or downloaded, you can then use Windows Media Center to burn it to a DVD with appropriate menu controls built-in so it can be played on a television if you wish. The file is 200MB in size.

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This link is a .mov file. It will download the video to your computer automatically. It should also launch Quicktime in a new window and play automatically. It is 69K in size.

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This link is a .mp4 file. It will automatically download and play the video on any phone or tablet that can play MPEG4 type files.
It is zoomable, and is 292K in size. This file doesn't seem to work on computers (at least not on Windows 7 ones).


If you would like to have this video on DVD but are unable to create your own disc,
feel free to contact Kathy Buckner Johnson on Facebook, or drop me an e-mail.






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